Bodegas L├║minis

Our Philosophy

Cristian Allamand, our viticultor, winemaker, and founder of the company, is one of the few winemakers in Argentina that spends more time working on the vineyards that originate our wines than at the winery making the wines. The concept of Estate and terroir driven wines in Argentina are completely new and very few wineries are truly making wines under this philosophy. We, at Luminis, and through the tireless work of Cristian, become one of those few, making wines from very specific regions and from vineyards he works, and/or directs, with the whole purpose of making wines with a different personality, with a true sense of place, wines that are respectful and honest to their origin. The personal touch that Cristian brings to those places where we grow grapes is one that searches for the elegance, for the natural acidity, for the subtleties of aromas. In sum, Luminis’ wines will show you a different aspect of grape growing and winemaking in Argentina.

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